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About roller skiing

"There's no snow, where do you ski in England? "   "It doesn't matter, we roller ski."

Roller ski-ing at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit [V Hempel]Rollerskiing is the perfect introduction to the nordic skiing as well as fantastic cross training for any endurance based sport.  Like cross country skiing, it's recognised as the most effective full body workout you can get.  It exercises each major muscle group without the impact associated with running.

Rollerskiing is similar to rollerblading with the added help of poles to push you along.  As in cross country skiing, there your can learn two techniques - classic and skating.

It builds balance, coordination and strength.  It can also help those preparing for Alpine skiing, given the specific muscle groups it exercises.

Roller ski-ing is also a competitive sport - from club roller ski races throughout the UK to the FIS Rollerski World Cup series.

Where can you roller ski?

  • Most roller skiing takes place on tarmac surfaces in parks and on quiet roads although you can also buy special kit for rough tracks or off road use.
  • LRNSC members roller ski at various venues including Richmond Park, Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, Stanborough Park [near Welwyn Garden City] and Eelmoor [near Aldershot].
  • There's a useful Rollerski Directory that lists roller ski venues throughout the country.

Roller ski equipment

  • Roller skisYou need poles that have special tarmac-resistant tungsten tips and no baskets.
  • Roller skis are around 70cm long, either metal or a compound, with two large wheels on each end.
  • Wheels come in different sizes and materials to create slower skis for beginners and training or faster skis for racing. 
  • The boots and bindings are the same as you use with cross country track skis.

You can hire roller ski equipment at LRNSC coaching sessions, and if you want to buy your own check out our links to suppliers.

Find out more about our roller ski courses for for beginners and improvers.