Final results for 7/9 GB Championship/Challenge Cup races
Thursday, September 12, 2019 at 8:38
lrnsc mary

Winners Barbara Grogan & Martin Watkins Photos: J LearySee the final results for our roller ski races at the Olympic Park on 7 September.

Congratulations go to overall senior winners Martin Watkins [Wessex]and Barbara Grogan [Hyde Park] and a special well done to LRNSC skiers Megan Campbell, Syzmon Orlowski, Lars Wikstrom and the Bojarski and Barnes families for their placings.

See the photos from the race in the album on Flickr - thanks to LRNSC photograpers Jane Leary and Anders Soderback.

Our next race is the 15/7.5k classic time trial at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit on 22 September - enter now.

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