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London Region Nordic Ski Club and Worldloppet

What is Worldloppet?

Club members at Bieg Piast Worldloppet, Poland (J Hurley)The Worldloppet series of ski marathon races was instituted in 1978 with nine member races and has since grown to incorporate fifteen races ranging in distance from 42 to 90 km and fairly evenly split between races in classical and free techniques.

Each participating country is permitted one race only and the events are spread from North America to Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe and as far afield as Australia and Japan. For further information on the races visit

What do you get for joining Worldloppet?

Skiers joining the Worldloppet challenge receive a passport which will be stamped on completion of each race. When ten of the fifteen races have been completed, the skier becomes a Worldloppet Master and receives a coveted gold medal and diploma.

In recent years, most of the races have added shorter events to their programme, usually of around 25 km. Completion of ten of these (or a combination of short and long distances) brings with it the title of Worldloppet Silver Master.

For those successfully taking part in all fifteen of the member races, a further accolade of Global Worldloppet Skier can be added to their personal honours board.

British skiers in Worldloppet?

Many British skiers find the Worldloppet an exciting challenge and an opportunity to visit and ski in new places that they might otherwise not have visited. It also a chance to meet up with other UK skiers.

At the end of the 2007-08 season no fewer than 26 British skiers had achieved the title of Worldloppet Master, with two Global Worldloppet skiers. The majority of these were members of LRNSC, as the following list shows:

Global Worldloppet Skier (2)

Hilary Field; Paddy Field

Worldloppet Masters (26)

Hilary Field (5 times); Derek Hyde (2 times); Dennis Teevan (2 times); Paddy Field (3 times); John
Trembath; John Foden; Kevin Gill; Richard Clemons; Gareth Buffett; Christopher Virgo; Don Montague; Gordon Hughesden; Tim Banks; Christopher May; Bruce Maybloom; Bernard McCarthy; Vic Emery; Lorraine Field; Christopher Richards; Peter Gurney; Terri Paul; Tim Wilks, Julie Merriman, Peter Merriman, Sheila Tucker, Judy Clarke.

LRNSC goes to Worldloppet

There are many more LRNSC members currently on the Worldloppet circuit. Most years the Club arranges a trip to one of these events. Since 2008 a Club group has been to Japan for the Sapporo International and Miyasama Ski Marathons, the Polish Bieg Piastow, Estonian Tartu and Finnish Finlandia Hihto, the French Transjurassienne and German Konig Ludwig Lauf.  The latter was member Madeline Fallon's first ski race - read more about her first Worldoppet experience.

You might also like to read Paddy Field's article 'Skiers from a snowless city', which was first published on the Worldloppet website in 2008.

Why not join us and notch up your own Worldloppet successes?