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London Region Classic Start List, Race Details & Volunteers

We look forward to seeing you at the London Region Classic Rollerski Race at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on the 11th November.
Many thanks to Swenor Rollerskis for generously providing the matched skis which will be used for the 1 hour race.

Start list & race details

Click for the list of competitors, the number on the list will be your race number. Please check that all the details are correct and contact me if you have any queries. Please remember that only rollerskis are being provided, racers must provide their own boots to match the bindings they have requested and poles. Helmets and eye protection are required. NB If you have indicated SNS bindings SNS Pilot boots will fit but old style SNS Profil boots will not.

In accordance with FIS rules we ask that you use poles which are no higher than 83% of your height plus 5cm to allow for the fact we are racing on rollerskis. The height of the pole is taken from the ground to where the straps emerge from the pole.

Those taking part in the 30 minute race must provide their own barrel roller skis and these must be fitted with a ratchet.

At the venue

On race day do allow plenty of time for travel to the venue. We only have the track from 1300 to 1500 so the race cannot be delayed.

Please go to the entrance to the Velopark for 1245. A marshall will meet you there and direct you to the meeting room which we have available from 1300. There you will be handed your bib and a transponder to attach around your ankle. You should then go to the start area on the track where I will check that your transponder is being picked up correctly by the timing equipment.

You will be able to warm up on the 1.5km track until 1335 when you should meet at the start area for the Race Briefing

The 1 hour race and the 30 minute race will start together at 1345. Both are Classic Technique Races.

The 30 minute race will end when the leader of that race crosses the line after 30 minutes, those behind will be able to finish the lap they are on.  Warning will given prior to this of when racers are on their last lap.

Similarly the 60 minute Senior/Master race will end when the leader crosses the line after 60 minutes. Again a last lap announcement will be made.

We must clear the track by 1500 after which no access is allowed. After the race make your way to the registration room where prizegiving will take place.

NB Only those skiers registered to race are allowed to use the track.

Venue details

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Abercrombie Road, London E20 3AB

How to get to the venue

Link to a map showing the venue
Link to the venue web site

Any queries?

Please contact the race organiser:
If there are any last minute problems on the day please call 07732 038587

Volunteers needed

If you're not racing or are coming with non-racers, volunteers are needed to help with general race support - please contact Gerard Evans - details above.

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